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Welcome to the website of Individual Cabinet Private Investigator Ene D. Gabriel!images

          We hope that you will enjoy exploring our website and that you will find here many useful information. We have a great
attention to the quality of our services.

          You can find detailed information about online services and contact a private investigator, for assistance. The Cabinet approved, investigative services, especially in Bucharest and Ilfov County and surrounding areas. When you need to know the truth, if you need to check someone, don’t hesitate … look for us at phone number: 0725 040 500 .

          We guarantee maximum privacy, professionalism and experience. We can cover a wide range of services for natural or legal persons (see Legislation). Detectives working for the discovery of truth so that your. to act accordingly.

          We can offer a complete package of professional services through our partners: lawyers, investigators, bailiffs, notaries, experts, mediators, etc., so that your problems to gain a resolution calling only one no. phone: 0725 040 500.

          Your issue will be automatically counsel from legally obtained evidence, during the investigative process shall constitute evidence in court, under the law. If you want a private investigator, be sure that you have chosen one experienced and certified so as to avoid any subsequent problems. Do you need a detective to operate in Bucharest, Ilfov County or in other part of Romania or of the world?

          Whether it is about infidelity, missing persons or goods supervision, schedule a free consultation by phone: 0725 040 500!

Why choose us?
  • All services available 24 hours 7 days a week;
  • Licensed by the Police;
  • Highly trained professional private investigators with police criminal investigation qualifications;
  • Affordable tailored fees with best price packages available;
  • Excellent success rate (100%) and highly recommended by government, corporate, business and personal clients.

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